The Connecticut Bar Association (CBA) was founded on June 2, 1875. Since its creation, the CBA has been instrumental in developing and improving court rules and providing quality educational and networking opportunities for its members. With nearly 10,000 members, it is the preeminent organization for lawyers and the legal profession in Connecticut, and is dedicated to promoting public service and advancing the principles of law and justice.

The 1875 Society is a group of leaders committed to sustaining the CBA and the legal profession in Connecticut. As a part of the society, your voluntary financial contribution of $100* supports the delivery of essential programs to your fellow members and the public, and enables the CBA to maintain its high standards for ethics, professionalism, and civility; advance the effective administration of justice; and build diversity and inclusion in the legal community.

Raymond S. Andrews, Jr.
Hon. Elizabeth Bozzuto
Mary Brigham
Eric R. Brown
Joseph Burns
Richard A. Cerrato
Hon. Leeland J. Cole-Chu
Diane R. Erickson
Jack Flaherty
Emily A. Gianquinto
John W. Hetherington
Sharon M. Jones
Dana Jonson
Ginny Kim
Heidi Lane
David Lincicome
Michael D. Lynch
Charles A. Maglieri
Jane R. Marsh
David Mathus
Thomas F. McGarry
Ralph Monaco
Nicole S. Mulé
Brian J. Murphy
Robert J. Nicola
John F. O'Brien
Lynne L. Pantalena
Lawrence F. Reilly
Joyce A. Riccio
Hon. Robert B. Shapiro
Alix Simonetti
Maura A. Smith
Hon. Beverly K. Streit-Kefalas
Hon. Alvin W. Thompson
Thomas A. Toscano
Howard S. Tuthill III
Valdis Vinkels
Bryson Wilson
Gerard M. Wrynn

Be a Part of the 1875 Society

Join a growing group of leaders in the CBA who have joined the 1875 Society by contacting our Member Service Center at (844)469-2221 or

The 1875 Society will be appropriately recognized and honored in Connecticut Lawyer, our Membership Directory, at the Annual Meeting, and on our website.

*This contribution is not tax deductible as a charitable contribution. You may wish to consult with your tax advisor as to whether it can be deducted as a business expense.