Volunteer Opportunities

Coach: Attorney coaches work with teachers to advise teams on courtroom style, cross-examination, as well as preparing opening and closing arguments. As a coach, you’ll provide instruction and feedback for mock trial participants on a regular basis for several months.

Judge: Attorneys judging the early rounds of middle school competitions work on a solo basis. For middle school finals, and for all high school competitions, a panel of three attorneys chooses a winner.

Advisor: An attorney advisor gives pointers, observes a practice match, and offers constructive criticism. Advisors put in less time than coaches and serve as a good source of professional advice.

Mock trial competitions are co-sponsored by Civics First, Inc. (formerly Connecticut Consortium for Law and Citizenship Education). For more information, please contact Marlene Kurban, interim executive director, at info@civicsfirst.org.

For more details, visit civicsfirstct.org.